Ten Reasons To Buy A Tiny House

“Home is not a place. It’s a feeling.”

When my father finished with the supervision of building our house, I was not there to witness it. I was the unborn child in my mother’s womb. I did not have the opportunity to see the radiant smile of satisfaction that was displayed on his face when he finally realized his dream of having his own three-storeyed monument. But since then, I have received many lessons about property acquisition and the know-how of real estate.

I have always been a minimalist and if someone were to ask me, “would you prefer a small haven to come to rest at the end of the day or would you like to have a nice humongous shelter for yourself?” I would reply the former.

Let me put down the reasons behind my answer and then intelligent minds can decide for themselves and sort out their preferences. Here they are:-

  1. Easy maintenance: A small house will require less time, money and energy for its maintenance. You will always find some fault or the other which continuously demands your attention. The smaller the walls, the lesser the menace they will become.


  1. Cleaning the house does not take all day: You have to face it. Every home has a member who has an OCD about cleanliness and hygiene. Fewer hours spent on cleaning is a reason enough for you to choose a small house.


  1. Fewer expenses: If you opt for a smaller apartment, you don’t need to scratch your heads much about refurbishing it and filling it up with furniture you won’t require anyway. You can buy appliances only when they are necessary. If you want to know our advice, here is a good builder.


  1. More customers during sale: When you are looking to sell your apartment, a smaller establishment will have a wider market for customers than what you would have attracted with a huge building. It is easier to carry out such transactions and saves you a lot of headaches.


  1. It is all about the mortgage: When you are looking for a bigger house, you need to keep in mind your current savings, duration of your mortgage, amount of monthly mortgage payment and so on. You are at less risk of being financially challenged if you opt for minimalism.

  1. Mental peace: Let’s face it. We are living in an era, where you spend more time on monetary worries and predictions about future investments which you eventually will regret later. A smaller house will ensure more peace of mind and lesser things to worry.
  2. More family time: One needs to spend less time poring over the phone or the laptop and have more family time. Fewer rooms ensure people stay more connected and not separated by the blessings of technology.


  1. You will harm the environment less – Fewer appliances ensure that you are releasing less toxic materials into the air around, releasing smaller quantities of dirty water and throwing away fewer bags into your dumpster. End of story.


  1. Easy to design – In case you are thinking of an interior designer to deck up your home, a smaller house will invite lesser expenses and more lovely choices.


  1. You remove waste – You throw away all articles and clothes you do not need, make room for more useful space and have a smaller desire to collect more possessions.


Buying a house is not one easy task. It is the beginning of a new journey, the gate which opens to making new memories and throwing away the remnants of your troubled past if any. Choose wisely.

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